Art Studio 9 is an Art workshop created by

Mixed-Media Artist & Graphic Designer, Jenny B Musungay.  The workshop is based in ASC Alperton on Ealing Road in Northwest London,

borough of Brent.


Art Studio 9 workshops focuses on Art as a healing tool. Having first-hand experience in mild depression and anxiety, allows the artist to understand the importance of Art as a healer. Art is a way of expressing yourself to Yourself – Art lifts any anxiety, stress, and sadness a person may carry. Overall, Art allows you to be free.

There will be teaching through practice how painting and drawing can contribute to lowering Stress, Depression and Anxiety, through different subject matters and applying art techniques.

These classes are currently for adults aged 18 and over. However, I will be running Children's Art workshops , ages 7 and over from April 2022. 

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